Here’s to Social.fiction!

A few years ago, a college student started to run a website with the goal to make the world a much more social place. 8 years and a billion users later, it’s fair to say Mark Zuckerberg succeeded. The way we interact, has truly gotten more social. But then again, do we really know what we are sharing in the end? In 2000, most of us felt uncomfortable leaving a comment on the web via your real name. A decade later Facebook heavy hitters can’t enough of posting 100’s of holiday pictures, barely naked and in most obscure poses. Hasn’t the social experience gone too far and turned into rather social fiction, after all? Let’s keep up track.

Social.fiction is a bilingual blog in German (mostly) and English (randomly) about my every day life in the era of the omnipresent social networks. Welcome!

© Nils Jacobsen. All rights reserved for all content published – including photography.

In my nonfictional life, I’m a financial and tech journalist – and writer at heart. For getting up close & personal with me, find me at the usual social networks:

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