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Argo’s other History Lesson.

10 Dez

Gun to head: This is my movie of the year: Argo. Yes, I loved Clooney in The Descendants. And, of course, there’s no way I couldn’t fall in love with To Rome with Love itself. But Argo is the movie for me in 2012. Best Ben Affleck ever, thrilling plot even though you know the end in advance and a great piece of Zeitgeist of the Iran Revolution 1979.

Then again, there is one more thing. It’s scary in another way. In fact, the thing that stroke me the most was the descent into the world of my childhood – the world of the late 70’s in that you were still allowed to smoke in a Swissair plane (not that I ever wanted to), MGM dominated the film industry just like RCA the record industry. In short: They are all gone by now.

That’s something to think about when looking back to this decade in 10, 20, 30 years. If you want to capture the spirit of our time, you will capture it with people running around in the iWorld – just like in the introduction of the recent NBC Tim Cook Interview.

iPhone 5.

2012: This is you, living in your own iWorld, the world of your iPhone and iPad. (And yes, maybe even Android phones.) Now here comes the scary part – at least for Apple investors: Will the most fancy products that doubtlessly define our era still be the ones that define the next decade and the decade after?

Pan-Am TV Series

Photocredit: ABC/Sony Pictures Television

It never happened in history for one global brand to dominate for decades. Think Kodak, think Pan AM (Trailer of the ABC TV series), think GM. That’s the scary side-aspect of Argo. It reminded me of one thing painfully: Even the biggest growth story in history will end at some point. It’s inevitable. The trillion dollar question for Apple shareholders remains – just when.

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